Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Poetry: 06/04/2010

Come on, write to me, and tell me, I deserve writing to,
In the vagueness of tomorrow, tell me, there's no solitude
Fine things and happy things, tell me, and tell well -
Before my tender nook, dead, is marked by the bell.



  1. Such sweet longing. Very neat.

  2. So you know what that meant? Word to word is it? How would you? Or you knew what Plath meant? :-)

  3. Oh I do know about Plath I do I do. :-) And I was morbidly fascinated by her life and her poetry that was a reflection of her life and not to forget her macabre death.

    You know right his second wife I mean Ted Hughes' second wife too committed suicide a couple of years later in the same fashion. I wonder how he lived with all of that inside his head and got married a third time. :-/

    What you said was sooooooooo true? Sigh! Life and the likes of it.

  4. Her name as I recollect was Assia Wevill or something similar. She was of Israeli origin. No I did not google it. Surprisingly I remembered although I'd read it almost 3 years back. :-)

    Yeah the saddest part being good people hurt us or maybe they just never fitted into these new roles we assigned to them and maybe before all of that they were good afterall. We'll never know and maybe we don't wanna know.

    The name isn't Utopia of course. Wish it could be though as the name is commonplace and everyday like life is. Hahahah!

  5. You have a gmail id? Or a gtalk id? Hmmmmmm....

  6. Okie I mailed you. See see. :-)