Saturday, 5 June 2010


   After awhile of walking and threading upon daisies and soft green turf, we came by the lake, and there, for some strange reason, the sun shone brightly. This was quiet part of the lake that I seldom visit - but being sunny, there were more people there than its wont.

   'This is strange,' she suddenly said, plucking the turf about her anxiously, and throwing them into the lake.
   'What's strange?'
   'I think you've been reading literature for too long - it's gotten to you.'
   'No,' she smiled. 'This…you…now - it's been more than a year.'
   'So, why forgive you now?'
   'Yes,' she dimly, despite the glaring summer sunlight, added.
   'Well, I can hold a grudge and for what you did, holding a grudge wouldn't be too hard. But, what's the point in that?'
   'Yes, there is no point.'

   A goose then hopped unto the ground we sat upon, and the heat of the sun made us quiet, that we could only, with our eyes, follow the animal as it slowly made its way pecking at the soil.

   'I bet…,' she started.
   'Hmmmm?' I broke myself from the sight of the goose.
   'I bet,' she continued, 'you wish had contacted me earlier, huh?'
   'Did you learn?' I asked.
   'Did you learn, in my absence? From my absence?'
   'Yes,' she quietly said.
   'You wouldn't have,' I said. 'Had you heard from me earlier.'

She smiled, and I, smiled back.

   We burn bridges - we do. Some, so that we can move on, so that the person on the other side can't get to us anymore, some others, we burn to teach. Because we care enough to teach. Sometimes, the greatest gift you can give another, is your absence. And what you can't teach while being together, you teach, upon leaving.


  1. Yeah I so understand what you are trying to say. I get it. Yes I do.

  2. This is so shatteringly true, it almost breaks my heart.